Law Application

Law Enforcement applications are currently available for whitelisted members only. Please provide as much detail as possible to the questions below as these positions will be limited and in high demand, and we want to be sure this department provides satisfying roleplay for our community.

Questions #1
Questions #2

Do you have past Law Enforcement experience? If so, for how long?
Do you have past LEO roleplay experience? If so for how long?
Why should your character be hired for Law Enforcement? Who might (in character) recommend you?
Which LEO Role are you applying for? (Sheriff, Deputy)
In your role, what tasks do you expect to perform? How capable is your character of performing these tasks?
Do you plan on being corrupt in any way? If yes, what are your reasons for doing so?
You have shot down the neighborhood outlaw as he was getting rowdy in the saloon and drew his weapon. What are your next steps?
When is it appropriate for you, as an LEO of the server, to shoot another player with the intention to kill them?

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