Staff Application

The Staff team at WildRP has learned that running a brand new style of total game modification roleplay community is difficult and challenging work. The team often requires more help then we have available, and may be looking for new team members to assist the community. Support Staff are the frontline of WildRP and everything we do starts with them. Support Staff must be able to adhere to the following criteria;

1. All staff members are expected to conduct themselves professionally and within WildRPs rules and guidelines at all times when publicly representing the server and staff team.

2. All staff must be calm, strong, clear, well equipped communicators.

3. Support staff must utilize WildRP’s rules, Discord/Twitch ToS, and common sense to moderate the community.

4. All staff must prioritize server good over personal gameplay.

5. Support staff must be able to assist with WildRP’s application and interview process.

6. Support staff must be available to cover at two potential member interview time slots per week.

If you fulfil the above criteria and are a white-listed community member in good standing and want to help out, please feel free to apply for a support staff role by filling out the application below!

Questions #1
Questions #2

What kind of position would you like to apply for?
Have you received any warnings or bans in WildRPs discord or game servers?
Why are you applying for this staff position?
How long have you been a member of the WildRP community?
Explain your past experience with being a team leader, community moderator, etc
How much time would you be able to volunteer per week
What value do you think you would provide to the WildRP community
If you could change something about the WildRP community what would it be
Any other comments?

By clicking on the form submission button you are hereby giving WildRP’s staff team consent to utilize any data contained within the form for the express purposes of WildRP community membership administration functions.