Whitelist Application

We are currently accepting new whitelist applications, fill out our form with as much detail as possible to have the best chance at being accepted. To be eligible for whitelist, you MUST be a member of our community Discord, have microphone suitable for voice-based roleplay, and be 18+

General Questions

WildRP has a set standard of roleplay that we expect from our whitelisted members.

Please submit some sort of media that showcases your roleplaying ability. Here are a few examples:

- Voice Acting Reel
- Roleplaying Compilation Video
- Narration or Monologue

You may also submit links to other forms of media not listed. Twitch clips will be accepted, however please be sure they are concise and representative of your roleplay.
Please be creative when submitting your media.

Be aware that failure to submit any sort of media may result in your application being denied.

Please do not let your media exceed 6 minutes

(Programs you could use include, but are not limited to; Windows Voice Recorder, OBS, Audacity, etc.)

Media Links
Character Background

If your character background exceeds 100 words, it may be denied.
Words: 0

Character Background
Other Questions

How did you hear about WildRP (Twitter, Disboard, Google, Referral, etc)
Name 3 one word characteristics of a good roleplayer
A sheriff, a criminal, and a civilian are all in one area. Please describe a scenario that you think would be unique, and entertaining for all three of these individuals to partake in simultaneously.
Do you have past roleplay experience?
What is RDM and can you provide an example?
When is it acceptable to break character?
What is the definition of Metagaming?
If you could have two super powers and had to use them hand in hand, what would they be and why? Also, what would be your kryptonite?

By clicking on the form submission button you are hereby giving WildRP’s staff team consent to utilize any data contained within the form for the express purposes of WildRP community membership administration functions.